The Centre of Research and Promotion of Women's Health (CRPWH), under the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care of Chinese University of Hong Kong, was established in 2001. It aims at improving women's health throughout their whole lifespan by conducting various research programmes of local relevance. The center offers a wide range of evidence based health assessments and nutritional counseling services for women and their families to enhance better understanding of their own health, and encourage preventive measures and early treatment of at risk condition.

This centre continues to liaise with community organizations in providing health talks, health information and support. The Resource Centre of CRPWH has a library dedicated books related to women's health and serves as a resource reference for both health professionals and the public.


To identify, stimulate, and conduct research in key women's health issues,

To develop women and family focused and health related resources for education and training in women's health

To provide evidence-based health assessments for midlife and older women and their families.

To establish a community partnerships for evidence-based healthcare, health promotion, and health policy development

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